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Matthew Bellgard

Professor Bellgard is the inaugural eResearch Director at Queensland University of Technology, leading the eResearch Office to work closely with researchers and external end users to understand the research question, the breadth of technical and socio-technical challenges in order to devise innovative strategies to ultimately ensure technological solutions are fit-for-purpose and best-of-breed.

With a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Western Australia (1994) specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Professor Bellgard has personally attracted over $44m in research funding, co-inventor of 5 full/20 provisional patents, led the design and commissioning of a world’s top 100 supercomputer, co-authored over 139 peer reviewed articles in areas including human/animal/plant genomics, bioinformatics, health informatics, AI, biosecurity, eResearch, remote sensing, music and radio astronomy. He has led the design and development of digital health solutions for government, industry and academia, and higher education.

Board member of the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum Executive Board, Chair of the APEC LSIF Rare Disease Network. Professor Bellgard is also a Board member of QCIF Ltd.


  • Board member of QCIF Ltd.
  • Board member of the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum Executive Board.
  • Chair of the APEC LSIF Rare Disease Network.
The FAST trial-ready patient registry empowers individuals and their families living with Angelman Syndrome to manage this condition, fast track personalised clinical decision making, and generate key aggregated data to drive a better understanding of the disease
Providing Insight & Research into Angelman Syndrome
Creating new opportunities, insight & understanding.
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