Module 10

Module 10d: Stopped Medication

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Updates to this module are made as changes are made, but are also prompted in the 6 month update.

7.3 Medication/ Intervention Stopped (ANGMedIntCeased2)
No Code Question Response
7.3.1 ANGMedIntWhatStop2 What medication has your child/ adult stopped? See 7.2.1
7.3.2 ANGMedIntNameOTH If medication is not listed above, please state String/ TextArea
7.3.3 ANGMEDIntReasonPast What was the reason for using this drug/intervention? (Check all that apply) 1 – Anti epileptic;
2 – Behavioural;
3 – Sleep;
4 – Gastrointestinal;
5 – Complimentary;
6 – Diet;
7 – Vagus nerve stimulation;
8 – Other
7.3.3a ANGMEDIntReasonPastOth Other reason
7.3.4 ANGMedIntReasonStop What was the reason for stopping this drug/intervention? (Check all that apply) 1 – Exacerbation/worsening of seizures;
2 – intolerable side effects (please describe);
3 – inadequate seizure control;
4 – transferring to a new medication;
5 – No longer required;
5 – Other (Please describe)
7.3.4a ANGMedIntReasonStopOth Please describe
7.3.5a ANGMedIntAgeStopped2 What was their age when the medication/intervention was stopped?
7.3.7 ANGMedIntOther Comments

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