Module 10

Module 10b: New Hospitalisations or Surgical Procedures

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Updates to this module are made as required if there are new hospitalisations or surgeries.

4.4 Details of Hospitalisation/Surgery (ANGHospitalVisit1)
No Code Question Response
4.4.3a ANGAgeHospitalVisit1a Child/ adult’s age at admission
4.4.5 ANGHospitalVisit1Reason Hospitalisation reason (Range/ DefaultWidget; ANGHospReason) 1 – Seizure;
2 – Feeding problems;
3 – Surgery;
4 – Infection;
5 – Other
4.4.6 ANGHospSurgery1 If surgery, what was the reason? (e.g. Corrective alignment (toe walking, scoliosis), strabismus
4.4.7 ANGHospOther1 If other, what was the reason?
4.4.8 ANGHospitalVisit1DaysInHospita Number of days in hospital
4.4.10 ANGHospitalVisit1LevelOfCare2 Level of care 1 – Low (medical ward);
2 – Medium (high dependency unit);
3 – High (Intensive care) ;
4 – Emergency department
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